Vapor products and technologies are rapidly evolving. It seems like every time you visit your local dispensary, there is a new vape device or concentrate. While the basics of vaporization technologies have not changed in these devices – the quality has certainly increased. New vapor pens have customization features, premium materials like pyrex glass and stainless steel, longer lasting batteries, less leaking and clogging – all to offer the consumer a better overall experience.

CBx Sciences is always researching, testing, and working on new vaporization technologies that work best with our concentrates. In addition to our trusted 510 and disposable iHit hardware, we team up with partners that are focused specifically on designing the next generation of vape devices – such as Grenco Sciences, maker of the popular G Pen. Look out for specially formulated Evolab oils in pre-filled G Pen Gio Tanks at your favorite dispensary in the coming months.

While we continue to innovate vaporization technologies, we are simultaneously working on the other, and arguably more important part of vaping: the oils. We’ve been developing oils that provide a specific ‘experience’ and effects. The theory has been floated that terpenes such as myrcene and linalool may generate a cannabis concentrate that is more ‘sedative’ while a cannabis concentrate rich in limonene and/or pinene might be more ‘elevating’ in its effects. It does not appear that a direct correlation can be made with terpenes, cannabinoids and the end effects – yet. More data likely needs to be obtained.

With the newly formulated and released CBx vape pens, we have decided to take a slightly different approach. Understanding that there are diverse plants that interact with the Endocannabinoid System and key receptors, there is a natural opportunity to explore the synergies between cannabis and other botanicals. Our team researched aromatherapy and traditional herbal medicines, ultimately identifying complementary herbs that can be used in conjunction with cannabis extracts to generate a more specific effect, such as elevation or sedation.

Two different types of CBx vapes are now available – Amplify and Meditate – with more in the works. In Amplify, the essences of green tea and ginseng have been included to create a vape pen for daily active use. Green tea is a potent natural source of caffeine loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants, while ginseng has been used for physical stamina and endurance for millennia.

In Meditate, the essences of passion flower, thyme and sage have been paired with CBN, CBD and THC to create a vape pen that is sedative and thoughtful. Reported to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, passion flower has a sweet aroma and proven anti-inflammatory effects. CBN is a rare cannabinoid often studied for its analgesic and soporific effects. You can read more about CBN here.

Look out for more interesting innovations in vape technologies from CBx Sciences and Evolab over the coming months.